Read Good Books

 I would say, as a pastor, reading is vital in the Christians life. The Bible should be first, but there are many solid books about the bible out there that will stimulate thought and are great for small groups and discussion. These are just some I would suggest for the summer.

“Knowing God” By J.I. Packer

“Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God” By J.I. Packer

“The Art of Manfishing” By Thomas Boston

“The Reformed Pastor” By Richer Baxter

“Hard To Believe” By John MacArthur

“Twelve Ordinary Men” By John MacArthur

“Basic Christianity” By John Stott

“Sermons of George Whitefield” By George Whitefield

“A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards” By  George Marsden

“Finally Alive” By John Piper


About pastorcook

I pastor a small baptist church and love to study the Bible and study the Puritans. I also have a great desire to spread the gospel,and teach the Bible to believers, as they grow in the personal relationship they have we the Lord. View all posts by pastorcook

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