Understanding the Hard Things

 As Christians, we should ever be growing in our faith. Growing in obedience to the Lord because we love him (1John.5:2-3). Growing in our knowlege of Him through His Word (Col.1:9-10). As a pastor, it is my prayer that the Word of God becomes shoe leather in our life! That we live what we speak! That we walk the talk! That our passion is Jesus!

 In this walk of faith, we will run across hard things in the Scriptures as we grow in the Lord. How do we handle them? We will even have hard questions about life, how do we handle them? Where do we find our answers? The Word of God! Having a high view of Scripture, and a high view of God. We need to understand that there will be some things that we will never find the answers too. But the things God has revealed to us are in his Word, that is His revealed will for our lives. And we are to search the Word of God in the personal relationship we have with Him. As we head down this spiritual  journey, let me give you some things to help you when you run across the hard things in the Scriptures that are hard to understand.

1. As you read the Scriptures, do it prayerfuly.

2. Always remember, Scripture interprets Scripture.

3. Have a good study Bible and reference tools.

4. Write down your thoughts and questions in a note book as you study.

5. Be diligent and patient as you study, reading the text over and over again.


About pastorcook

I pastor a small baptist church and love to study the Bible and study the Puritans. I also have a great desire to spread the gospel,and teach the Bible to believers, as they grow in the personal relationship they have we the Lord. View all posts by pastorcook

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