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Be Thankful for the Work of the Cross (1pet.1:3-5)

 As we walk through life we can take so much for granted. Like the common things, the air we breath, the roof over our heads, the food we eat. And also the personal things, like family and friends, husband and wife. We look for all that is wrong and never find anything that is right. We never thank God for all that he has done and all that he has provided for us. And then there is the most important thing that the Christian should be thankful for, and that is our Salvation!  The apostle Peter, writing to believers under persecution for what they believed in, understanding their suffering, gives them hope! That hope is Jesus!  So let us see what Peter was so thankful for! 1. God’s mercy, 2. The new birth, that is we are born again, 3. we have a living hope, that means a sure hope, and in my terms “the real deal”, 4. Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Jesus rising up from the dead on the third day, this is what gives us life. 5. We have this perfect inheritance that is being kept for us in heaven. We see Peter so thankful for what God has done through his son Jesus Christ “The Work of the cross,” also the blood of Jesus that covers our sin (1:18-19). Let us start our day by being thankful for what Jesus has done for us and let us  pick up our cross daily and follow Jesus! (Lk.9:23)


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 It is my prayer as a pastor to share with you my thoughts on the Bible. I believe as a born again Christian, we can only stand on the truth of the Word of God! I hope this blog is helpful and points you to the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us feed our faith with the Word of God, and grow in Him!